Q: How do I assemble the BEACHCART? 

A: Easy. It comes assembled, nothing to do. 

Q: OK, so it's easy to assemble, how about folding it up? 

A: You are right, it takes just 10 seconds longer... Just line up the wheels, lock
the handle in place and pull the toggle in the centre of the cart and clip it
together (see pictures below).

Q: My kids are pretty messy how to I clean it?

A: We recommend just wiping clean with a cloth and water. But, unlike some
carts, our fabric can be removed if it needs a good hose down. 

Q: Do I need a huge amount of space to cart this cart about? 

A: No, it folds up neatly and slides into the side of your car very easily. The wheels
are aligned to make it as compact as possible. The folded up dimensions are
83cm x 54cm x 25cm.

Q: I see a few carts about with kids in them, is that safe? 

A: The BEACHCART is not designed as a cart for carrying kids, but if you're not carrying all the other gear, why not give them a piggyback? 

Q: What are the Dimensions? Weight? all that stuff.

A: The cart's dimensions are: length 91cm including the handle, width 54cm, height 64.5cm (83cm including handle) and then the handle extends out to 107.5cm.

The weight is 12.8kg.

The packaged box dimensions are 84 x 54.5 x 26cm, weight 14.65kg.

Q: How much does it cost to ship? 

A: There's nothing we hate more than finding the ideal product online, but then realising the shipping price is outrageous. So our prices include shipping to Eastern Seaboard Metro destinations. And there's even a discount if you collect it from our Brisbane outlet or other destinations on certain dates. Check our Shipping page for full details. And follow us on Facebook to find out where our carts will be in the next week. 


Close wih clip
Aligned wheels fold up
Carry handles
Easy slip over cover
Foldable beach cart australia
Pull toggle to fold